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SputniX was a demo-group on the Commodore Amiga in the early 1990's. It all started when TacKy (me) and PePP were using Deluxe Paint to make graphics for a monthly competition in a danish computer-magazine. In early 1992 we started making demos using Red Sector Demo Maker, and we needed a name for our group. PePP suggested the name SputniX, and it only took a few minutes to for us to agree on the name. SputniX was founded in february 1992. In the next few years we continued making graphics and started making music using Noisetracker/Protracker. In 1993 Striker joined, and helped making music, and in late 1994 Act joined the group - mainly as a designer, but he also did a little graphics/music. In 1994 I started coding the first real SputniX-demo, Ulf the Wulf, which was released later that year. Then PePP left the group, and the activities of the group slowly died out. About one year later I started making demos on my own using the SputniX-name, and this resulted in three uncompleted demos. Actually the last demo was almost complete, but lots of compiling-problems finally made me give up.
Besides being a demo-group SputniX also released a few ulitity disks, and music/graphics-compilations.

More than 10 years after the founding of SputniX I started building this site, and it was originally launched in march 2003.

Several of the SputniX-productions are available in the download-section, including all 4 demos and several protracker-modules.

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